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i am always appalled by how insensitive my friends could be, or is it only me who is over-looking into all the tiny things in life?

eg. chatting on group chat about a plan they’ve made between themselves. i am like ok i wasnt invited but would you mind talking about it elsewhere like idk maybe just between you two?????

eg. so it’s my birthday tomorrow yeah? a friend said hey how about i ask xxx if she is free to come out as well. xxx is someone i had a huge quarell with and things are always sort of awkward between us. like woah. mind blowing. why would you even consider it in the first place?



friendly reminder that if harry would have been a girl snape would have treated her like petyr baelish treats sansa stark ✿◕‿◕✿

Totally disagree. Snape didn’t actually give a crap about Harry, it was only that he’s Lily’s son, whereas Petyr Baelish is actually seeing Sansa for Sansa.

Random little fun fact:


So in germany we don’t get subtitled tvshows with original audio (like everywhere else in the world :/)
Every show and movie is dubbed, which sucks.. really bad most of the time…
BUT the bus scene in Seed is actually so good! 
Not only does Carol moan when Daryl starts giving her a backrub, she also literally asks him if he wants to fuck!


listen to the germans, guys.


every time i picture the bus scene or see a gif with it or something and carol goes: “wanna screw around” and daryl hesitates before scoffing, i imagine olaf coming out from behind him and going: “you hesitated”. ( glenn is basically their olaf tbh )