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Severus Snape shows signs of being demiromantic and people accuse him of being “possibly a sex offender” and “stalking” all in the name of feminism, when he left Lily alone when she asked him to. 

Whereas James Potter canon sexually assaulted someone and everyone gives the “boys will be boys” excuse because he was 16. 

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We’ve had Queer as Folk challenge week and Petyr Baelish challenge week and they were all fantastic fun and now it’s time for the man himself - Aidan Gillen! For the seven days from 2nd to 9th November it’d be brilliant if fellow Aidan fans could make fan art or fanfic or gifs or graphics or photosets or anything else you feel the urge to post. And while there is a challenge a day, of course you can take part as often or as little as you want with whatever or anything at all that takes your fancy. Everything is welcome.

The Daily Challenges:

  • Day One: Favourite Aidan Gillen movie
  • Day Two: Favourite Aidan Gillen TV show
  • Day Three: Petyr Baelish appreciation day
  • Day Four: Favourite character (excluding the Baelish!)
  • Day Five: Best scene
  • Day Six: Favourite appearance/costume
  • Day Seven: Favourite quote (from Aidan or one of his characters)

Please remember to tag your stuff "Aidan Gillen challenge 2014" in the first five tags and aidangillenoneandonly will reblog all your posts. 😉 Do ask if you have any queries. Please reblog and share this post. And yay roll on 2nd November!